Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’

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Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ is a splendid free-flowering selection of bear’s breech, from Holland’s Dirk de Winter of New Generation Plants, that is reportedly a hybrid of Acanthus spinosus and Acanthus mollis.

Plant Profile for Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ – Hybrid Bear

Bear’s-breeches are bold specimen plants that make a terrific show in a sunny location from mid to late summer. This selection forms a mound of bold green leaves, with taller spikes of hooded white flowers protected by prickly purple bracts.

Acanthus mollis x spinosus Morning Candle | Sandy’s Plants

Acanthus mollis x spinosus ‘Morning Candle’ Bear’s Breeches. A cross between A. mollis and A. spinosus, this one has rich pink and white flowers on tall stalks in midsummer. Shallowly scalloped, narrow grey-green leaves are slightly spiny. A wonderful specimen plant.

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Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ hybrid acanthus. There are 16 photographs of Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ in the JCRA’s photograph collection.

Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ Plant Care & Growing Information

‘Morning Candle’ is a Acanthus variety in the Acanthus genus with a scientific name of Acanthus.. Morning Candle Acanthus is normally quite a low maintenance plant and is normally very easy to grow – great for beginner gardeners!

Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ – Bear’s Breeches – Acanthaceae

Acanthus ‘Morning Candle’ is a hybrid between A. mollis and either A. hungaricus or A. spinosus. What is important for gardeners is that it is very free-flowering producing extra tall and stately spires of mauve bracts and white flowers up to four feet in summer atop large, bold, shiny mounds of scalloped and dissected leaves.

Acanthus ‘Morning’s Candle’ Bear’s breeches ‘Morning Bear

‘Morning’s Candle’ _ ‘Morning’s Candle’ is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen to evergreen perennial with glossy, deeply lobed, dark green leaves and, in summer, tall, erect racemes of hooded, white flowers with spiny, purple to purple-pink bracts.

Acanthus ‘Morning’s Candle’ | bear’s breech ‘Morning’s

Details ‘Morning’s Candle’ is an herbaceous perennial, to 1.2m tall, with deeply-toothed dark green leaves forming a mound up to 1m wide. Spikes of hooded white flowers, protected by prickly purple bracts, are borne above the foliage in summer

Acanthus | Bears Breech or Breeches | Plant Delights Nursery

The common name of Acanthus is Bear’s Breechwhy in the world would someone name a plant after Yogi’s britches? Well, according to plant taxonomy expert William Stearn, the name Bear’s Breech comes from the medieval (Pre-Linnaean) latin name ‘Acanthus sativus branca ursina’

Acanthus ‘Mornings Candle’ – Stekelige berenklauw

Info. Een imposante plant die structuur geeft in de tuin, zeer decoratieve aarvormige bloemen. Purpere bloemen met paarse stekelig schutbladeren, na de bloei blijven ze nog tot in het najaar decoratief.

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