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Sugo Trattoria / Enoteca is a casual restaurant that marries the traditions of the old world with the food culture of Sonoma County. Taking inspiration from the artfully hand crafted pastas, sauces and cured meats of Italy and integrating these recipes with local ingredients and California sensibility.

How to Make a Classic Bolognese Sauce (Sugo alla bolognese)

Of course, Sugo alla Bolognese is not the only sugo made in Italy throughout the winter months. Sugo di maiale, pork sauce, is quite nice, as are sugo di vitello/ veal sauce, and sugo d’agnello, lamb sauce. Though they do require some cooking time, you can easily expand them and freeze some for later.

Meat Sugo and Pasta | The Splendid Table

Apr 26, 2013 · Make the sugo: Set a large, wide rondeau or sauté pan over high heat and add enough olive oil to just coat. (In general the bigger the pan, the better.) Cook the pork in batches, adding a third of a half at a time, so that there is space in the pan.

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Menu — Sugo

ALL DAY MENU BRUNCH HAPPY HOUR DESSERT. SHARED PLATES. Sugo Fries 6 house made, grana padano, herbs. blue cheese dipping sauce Sugo Wings 10 Italian Hot sauce, Calabrian peppers, basil, blue cheese dipping sauce Polenta Fries 8 fried polenta, ricotta salata, basil, calabrian yogurt

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Sugo. Immer wieder ein neuer Geschmack. Pesto. Cremig und mit einem intensiven Geschmack. Zurück Pasta & Sugo Set. Hochwertige biologische Zutaten 100% italienisches Basilikum mit Grana Padano Ohne zusätzliche Konservierungsstoffe Glutenfrei Kontrollstelle: AT-BIO-301

Felicetti BIO Fusilli – biologische Spiralnudeln aus

Produktinformationen “Felicetti BIO Fusilli – biologische Spiralnudeln aus Hartweizengrieß, 500g” Die biologischen Fusilli sind Teil der biologischen Linie aus dem Hause Felicetti. Biologica bedeutet Bio-Hartweizen und -Vollkorngrieß.

Food School: Sugo – The Best Tomato Sauce Ever | Kitchen

Sugo, Italian Tomato sauce If I had to offer you – my readers one recipe in 2014, it would be this. This sauce that is so full of smooth character it is at once soup , pizza sauce, bolognese.


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Alnatura Sugo-Basilico Origin Bio dauerhaft günstig online

Das Sugo Basilico von Alnatura ist eine aromatische Tomatensoße aus frischen, sonnengereiften Bio-Tomaten und Basilikum aus biologischer Landwirtschaft. Zu Pasta, als Pizzabelag oder als Lasagnezutat bringt das Sugo tomatigen Genuss auf den Tisch.

Sugo di Pommodoro Piccante – Pikante Bio Tomatensauce

Sugo di Pommodoro Piccante Pikante Bio Tomatensauce Don Antonio, Abruzzen 330g Artikel-Nr.: FU00976 biologische Herstellung 160g Senfmühle Hündorf, Halle (Saale)

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